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Service Point Kiel Canal

Piston crown STX-S26MC-MK6

for STX S26MC-MK6

Item 90201-172-143A

Hoisting Gear

Hoisting gear  reconditioned, Test: GL
Item SUEA5250R

SUEA5250R, Hubw.G.pdf

Lower gear housing for AVSP GR. 9+10

(6 pcs.), drawing-no.: 36.3406.10016/1

Item: 803-00048

Turbine casing outlet type H6-1

for turbocharger type H6-1, version 0002

Item 2.261-23010.01

Crankshaft SKL 6NVD 26 A3 , 1.Rep.

1st Repair Stage

Item 572-03903-1R


Bed plate SKL 8NVD48-2

reconditioned, with GL

(2 pcs. avialable)

Item: 832-01909R


Crankshaft SKL 6NVD 26 A3 , recond.

standard, reconditioned

Item 572-03903R


Cylinderblock SKL 6 NVD 226A-2

Cylinderblock, 6NVD26A-2

Item: 572-05901R

Fuel injection pump SKL 6VD-26/20 (left engine)

for 6VD-26/20 reconditioned.

Item: 6V154735R

Bed Plate SKL 8 NVD 26A2

for SKL 8NVD26A2, reconditioned with GL certificate

Item: 572-01904R

572-01904R, Grundwanne, GL 62120K.pdf

Exhaust turbocharger type PDH50V

reconditioned with GL certificates

PDH50VR Turbol. GL Zert.25137ROS.pdf

KBB Turbocharger H3 general overhault

H3 289.077/53 and H3 289.077/54

Crankshaft SKL 6NVD 48 A2, 1.Rep.

Crank shaft, reconditioned
1 st repair stage, certificate GL

Item 852-03903-1R


Crankshaft SKL 6VD 26/20 AL 1/2, 2+3 Rep.

Crankshaft, reconditioned with new certificate (GL)
- main journals 2nd repair stage
- conrod journals 3rd repair stage

Item 601-03908R-2-3



Piston upper part recon. MAN K- SZ-70/125 B

for MAN K- SZ-70/125 B


chrome plated with stud bolts, 13mm groove, Test: GL

Thin Wall Type!!!

Item 75-35003.0000:104R

Piston upper part recon. MAN K- Z60/105E

for MAN K- Z60/105E, with GL Certificate


Item 60-3502.0002R (4 pcs. on stock)


Turbo Charger H3, reconditioned

with Certificate of Russian River Register

Item 289.077/53/1R

289.077-53-1R Exh.TurboCharger.pdf

Outlet vv housing -MAN 12V 40/54

MAN, 12V 40/54

2 pcs. on stock

Item 114-1281

Injection pump - MAN KZ 70/120E

for MAN KZ 70/120E

Item 70-5170

Rudder stock bearing 23072 KMBP61

Item 23072KMBP61

Governor RVZW1 - SKL 6 NVD 26A-3

For SKL 6 NVD 26A-3

electric, RH engine

Item 113350 (2 pcs.)

Governor RVZW1 - SKL 6NVD 26A-3

For SKL 6 NVD 26A-3

electric, LH Engine

Item: 113450