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Service Point Kiel Canal


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Laytime Repairs

Our own flying squads are ready for emergency and / or scheduled repairs at sea or in port. Supported by mobile equipment, the teams execute their missions to the highest quality standards – even under the most critical conditions. The shipowner's / operator's benefit: less unplanned downtimes and therefore reduced costs. Reduced costs as the ship can maintain scheduled sailing times without docking during operational service.

Repairs create high consequential costs if they involve a delay in sailing schedule of the vessel. Our strength in carrying out afloat repairs at the berth during cargo operation – with our mobile equipment – reduce such risks to a minimum. Rapid execution of all kinds of repairs on deck and in the engine room to the highest quality standards even under time pressure has always been and still is the basis of our success. Sophisticated engine repairs, extensive pipe renewals, hatch cover repairs, cargo gear surveys and hull damage can be handled without mooring the vessel to the yard. For planned or major casualty repairs we provide our own docks or berths.

We are able to carry out all kinds of ship repairs with a day and night service. Specialist services and mobile equipment allow even major repairs to be carried out at the vessel’s berth during discharging and loading periods

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